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Sponsorship Levels

There are several sponsorship opportunities available at the USNC Professional Program.  

Diamond Sponsorship
Diamond Sponsors are have representation in all aspects of USNC Pro, not only the September event but all subsequent meetings and activities for the period of one year, a seat on the steering committee of the program plus all the benefits of Platinum Sponsorship. 
Platinum Sponsorship
Platinum Sponsors get all of the benefits of a Gold Sponsorship plus a Florida Earth Young Scholar Sponsorship
Gold Sponsorship 

Gold Sponsors have their logo printed on all materials used, plus a registration fee for a delegate.

Florida Earth Young Scholars

Five Florida Earth Young Scholars will have the opportunity to work on the USNC Pro team with the world-class delegates that will develop this initiative.  Sponsorship of these amazing young people provide travel funds to attend the September meeting.

$25,000 + $10,000 $5,000 $3,000
Diamond ($25,000.00)
Platinum ($10,000.00)
Gold ($5,000.00)
Silver ($3,000.00)
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