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What We Do

The central theme of all Florida Earth is to provide programs that enable participants  and partners in developing and implementing solutions to challenges in the water space.  We are about connecting people together and collaborating as a community of science, engineering, policy, and other multi-discipline experts who have a desire to solve problems. 


1.  Development of Knowledge Exchange Platforms 

All Florida Earth programs have a knowledge exchange platform component, whether at the local, state, national or global level.  Examples of connectivity include:

2.  Facilitation of solutions development

Florida Earth teams have been instrumental in providing innovative approaches to helping organizations derive solutions to stakeholder issues.  By having a global reach, programs are designed to help expand thinking and reduce conflict surrounding water related issues.  Examples of that function include:

3.  Expansion of already existing programs

Using Florida Earth's extensive partner network, organizations have collaborated with us to expand and enhance their programs that have similar goals and components.  Examples of that function are:

A Night with the Governors at St. Thomas University School of Law included Bob Graham, Buddy McKay and Charlie Crist

4.  Providing basic and advanced training to developing countries 

Helping others find solutions that already exists for their problems is a Florida Earth mandate.  Programs that exemplify this principle include:

  • Florida Earth's "Flagship" Program - The UNESCO-IHE Florida Program and the Water Ambassadors
  • The new USNC Urban Coastal Short Course - Being developed in partnership with UNESCO-IHE under their short-course professional program.


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