Florida Earth Council

  The Everglades Education Consortium (EEC) is an open and diverse network of individuals and private, government, educational, and environmental organizations with a common interest in promoting and disseminating comprehensive educational information and programs to the public on the Greater Everglades Ecosystem and the Everglades restoration effort through on-going dialogues, collaborative partnerships, coordinated individual activities, the sharing of resources and expertise, and other related activities.

The EEC Council

Karen Aubrey, Pine Jog Env. Center

Fred Barch, Palm Beach County Schools

Dr. Len Berry, FCES FAU

Stan Bronson, FEF

Dr. Jerry Jackson, FGCU

Dr. Chuck Jacoby, UF IFAS

Dr. Tom Marcinkowski, FIT

Cynthia Prockelman

Leah Schad

Sharon Thomas, Broward County Schools

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