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US - Netherlands Connection Policy Program June 14-18, 2011

"Adapting Human and Natural Ecosystems to Address Climate Change and Sea Level Rise."
The US Department of Interior focus looks at the Netherlands from the perspective of ecosystems and the water relationships modified by man's interaction with the environment. This team is a mixture of DOI people and environmental people and will have policy as it's focus (as opposed to our second team (USACE) that will have a technical/ engineering focus).

Registration fee includes:
hotel (check-in Monday June 13th, check-out Sunday June 19th -6 nights, including breakfast) transportation, fees to all sites and most meals, but not airfare.

Please keep in mind that your flight always arrives the next day! The Netherlands is 6 hours ahead of the U.S.

Once you've registered, you'll receive more information.
Due to logistics, please register before May 6th, 2011

Cancellation Policy: Any cancellations must be received by May 13th, 2011 for a 50% refund. Cancellations received after May 20th, 2011 will not receive a refund.

For a map of the hotel, click:Best Western Museumhotels
Address: Oude Delft 189, Delft, the Netherlands. p: 011-31-15-215-3070

For a map of UNESCO-IHE, click here
Address: Westvest 7, 2611 AX Delft, the Netherlands

Please note that Sunday and Monday June 12th, respectively June 13th are National Holidays. Some restaurants are open, but no government buildings. Museums are always closed on Mondays.

Monday evening, June 13th - Optional!
Optional to meet with the whole group at restaurant La Vie for dinner. We can get to know each other and can exchange last moment information.
Name: Brasserie Restaurant La Vie
location: Binnenwatersloot 7 Delft, 50 meters from UNESCO-IHE
Time: 6:30pm
Please let us know if you're interested to join, and if you prefer meat (beef), fish or vegetarian, for reservation purposes.

Tuesday, June 14th
From Best Western Museum hotel to UNESCO-IHE: 10 minute walk.
Program starts at: UNESCO-IHE (Institute for Water Education), Delft
8:45am UNESCO-IHE reception with coffee
9:00am Welcome address by Rectorate UNESCO-IHE
9:30am Introduction and historic overview Water Management in the Netherlands by Jan Luijendijk, Head of Hydroinformatics and Knowledge Management Department
10:00am Michael McClain, Head Water Engineering Department, keywords IWRM, Environment, Ecology, experiences in East Africa
10:20am Anne van Dam, Associate Professor of Environmental Systems Analysis, Ecology of Livelyhoods, Lake Victoria
10:40am Giuliano Di Baldisarre, about Climate Change Impact research in Delta's
11:00am departure for Rijkswaterstaat, The Hague Departure for: Rijkswaterstaat, (part of Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) The Hague (please bring your id/passport with you)
12noon-12:45pm Lunch offered by Rijkswaterstaat Adaptation policies present and future: Water Mgmt challenges.
1.00pm Introduction Rijkswaterstaat - US dutch relations in Water Management (big projects such as Room for the River) Eric Boessenkool
1.45pm Dutch Water Policy and Drought by DGWater - Luit-Jan Dijkhuis
2.30pm Break
2.45pm Delta Commission 2 / Delta Plan - Floris Hammer
3.30pm Spatial Planning challenges or Floodrisk management (Spatial planning department is probably not able to come)
4.45pm Wrap-up
5:00pm Departure for Delft
6:45pm Dinner / networking at UNESCO-IHE

Wednesday, June 15th
full day at Province of Zeeland
08.00am Departure from UNESCO-IHE
09.30am Arrival at the Watersnood Museum in the province of Zeeland.
*Reception with coffee and Zeeland 'bolus'.
*Welcome by Ms. Maaike Klunne (Director of the Flood Disaster Museum).
*Introduction to today's program by Tjeerd Blauw (Coordinator Integrated Spatial Planning Department, Province of Zeeland).
*Long-term solutions and today's problems in water management in the Southwest Delta by Joost Schrijnen (Program Director Southwest Delta Program).
11:00am Departure from the Watersnood Museum.
11:15am Arrival at 'De Val', location of the IMARES oyster riff trial. Introduction by IMARES scientist.
11:45am Departure from De Val
12noon Arrival at the Heerenkeet, visit to coastal defense construction site.
*Introduction by Mr. Bert Kortsmit, Project Manager Dutch Coastal Defense System.
12:30pm Departure from the Herenkeet
12:40pm Arrival at Schelphoek and/or Prunjehill, Tureluur wetland reconstruction site, drowned villages, sand hunger, European Project Climate Proof Area's, sea farm.
*Introduction by Mr. Leo Adriaanse (Rijkswaterstaat)
1:10pm Departure for Topshuis, Storm Surge Barrier Oosterschelde
1.20pm Arrival at the Topshuis for lunch.
*Visit of Storm Surge BarrierOosterschelde (Deltawerken)
3:30pm Departure from the Topshuis
4:00pm Arrival at Nolle-Westduin.
Visit of the former Weak Link Nolle-Westduin, a multifunctional sea defense (safety combined with nature and recreation).
View of the Boulevard of Vlissingen with buildings that can be adapted for coastal defense.
*Introduction by the Water Board Scheldestromen.
5:00pm Departure for Middelburg, Zeeland
5:15pm Arrival at the Abbey of Middelburg: 3D model of flooding to raise awareness.
Brief tour of the Abbey.
6:00pm Dinner. Joined by Mr. Sjoerd Heijning (Provincial Executive for Spatial Planning, Water Management and Nature) and Representatives of the Regional Water Authorities.
8:30pm Departure back to Delft (arrival back at Delft around 10.00pm)

Thursday, June 16th
8:15am Departure from UNESCO-IHE, walk to busstation
8:37am bus 40 leaves for Deltares. Stop in Delft: Vrijenban Delft.
8:48am arrival with bus at Delft stop Vrijenban.
9:00am Arrival at: Deltares
Welcome to Deltares/Deltares model - Huib de Vriend
Dutch approach to adaptation to climate change (general) - Cees vd Guchte
Room for the river (similar to Deltas 2010 presentation) - ?
Building with Nature - Bregje van Wesenbeeck
Tour of Facilities - Astrid van Bragt
River morphology/Grand Canyon - Kees Sloff
Coastal issues/USGS coop, ONR, USACE barrier islands
GRI proposal - Frank Kleissen
Conclusion - towards research agenda for the Water Institute - Toon/John Spain/John Davies
Lunch at Deltares.
Afternoon Round table conference
'Building with Nature as a climate adaptation tool: where is it relevant in the US, and what are the areas for cooperation between NL and US'
Deltares specific topics:
1. How has Deltares managed to coordinate across the various Dutch Governmental agencies? How does it effectively deploy resources for decisionmaking?
2. What are major political, operational, financial and bureaucratic obstacles that the developers of Deltares had to overcome in order to achieve success in working with the Dutch government? In deploying resources for decisonmaking?
3. Can we explore ways of determining which elements of the Deltares "model" would provide value-added to the ways in which the U.S. Government operates its scientific and operational resources for adaptation?
4. Can we explore mechanisms that will create a more long-term and sustainable working relationship and collaborative environment between appropriate U.S. research and operational elements and Deltares
Dinner tba
Departure back to Delft.'

Friday, June 17th
7:45am Departure from UNESCO-IHE
8:45am Arrival at Kinderdijk (famous concentration of windmills).
8:45am-9:30am Presentation by Dick Kanters (Mediator Waterboard Rivierenland) on history and water management in Kinderdijk
9:30am-10:00 a short tour inside a windmill.
10:00 am Departure Kinderdijk
11:00am Arrival at Noordwaardpolder part of the "Room for the River" project, at the Biesbosch museum (Hilweg 2 4251 MT Werkendam
p: 0031 183 - 50 40 09)
The technical manager, Ralph Gaastra, will give a presentation about the Noordwaard project and talk briefly about the Room for the River project as a whole.
In the museum is an exposition about the Noordwaard which includes a digital model of the area in which you can see the effects of the project.
This exposition will take about 20 minutes.
12:30pm Departure from Noordwaardpolder.
Arrival at Port of Rotterdam.
Drive through the port with speaker on bus
Arrival at the National Water Center.
Presentation by Paula Verhoeven (Director of Water and Climate Initiative, City of Rotterdam)
4:00pm Departure for Measlantbarrier
4:30pm-6:00pm Guided tour at Rotterdam (Maeslant Barrier,
sand engine An innovative type of coastal defense, while at the same time the Project will create more room for nature and recreation.
Departure back to Delft
This evening you'll have the opportunity to have dinner on your own.
We'll provide some information on cities and restaurants.

Saturday, June 18th
This day you'll be on your own and you'll have the chance to do some last minute shopping or visit some other places.
End of USNC Policy Program.

For our participants, please click here.
Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Event Registration: $2750.00

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