2019 USUK Resilience Forum

Mar 18 to 22, 2019 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Florida Earth is proud to announce its second international program for professionals, the USUK Resilience Forum, to be held Monday, March 18, through Friday, March 22, 2019 at the University of Oxford.  Building on the format of our US-Netherlands Connection's Professional Program (USNC Pro), the USUK Resilience Forum explores Briish expertise in resilience using case studies and field experiences around flood risk management initiatives with a special focus on how resilience can be financed.  Operating out of historic Oxford University's St John's College, the delegation will have a day focused on measures to mitigate River Thames flooding through engineered and natural solutions, a visit to the world-famous HR Wallingford Physical Modeling Center and a visit to the Satellite Catapult Center.  A registration fee of $1950 covers most meals, in-country transportation, venue and admin costs.  Airfare and lodging are not included and the responsibility of the delegate.  Click here for registration. 

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Monday, March 18 AM

10 - 11 AM

Orientation, introductions, welcomes

Existing Programs between the US and the UK, Andrew Nelson, Director, USACE International Research Office

Oxford University

Monday, March 18 PM  1:00 PM

Long-term Resilience: Theresa May’s 25 year Environmental Plan, Ruth Allin, Flood Risk Coordinator, UK Environmental Agency

Oxford University

Tuesday, March 19 AM

Case Study:  Taming the Thames

Jacobs HQ, London

Tuesday, March 19 PM

Case Study:  Taming the Thames

Along the Thames, London

Wednesday, March 20 AM

A Tour of HS Wallingford

Wallingford Shire

Wednesday, March 20 PM

Building Collaborative Partnerships: The Oxford Flood Scheme

City of Oxford

Thursday, March 21 AM

9:00 AM

10:00 AM

11:00 AM

Financing the Future: Part I

Global Perspectives: Siobhan Cleary, Director, World Federation of Stock Exchanges

Investing on the Private Side, Jervis Smith, Managing Director, Citi

Financing European Resilience, My Taylor, Director, European Investment Bank

Oxford University

Thursday, March 21 PM

1:00 PM



2:30 PM

Financing the Future: Part II

Building the Bridge between Science, Finance and Institutions, Antonella Calvia-Goetz, Senior Advisor, EIB

Disclosing climate-related financial information on risks and opportunities for businesses and investors, Richenda Connell, CTO, Acclimatise

Oxford University

Friday, March 22 AM

Partnerships for Sustainable and Resilient Growth: The Cambridge-Oxford Growth Arc

Oxford University

Friday, March 22 PM

Debrief, Brainstorming Session, Close

Oxford University

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Hotel Information

Florida Earth's selected the hotels near Oxford University. Each participant can pick the hotel of their choice and is responsible for registering at the selected hotel. 

George Street Hotel Oxford Spires Hotel St. Hugh's College
Standard  $226.00 +Tax  Standard  $218.00 +Tax    Single Room $86.00 +Tax


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