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One thousand people a day and growing. 

The increase in population of Florida will continue to spiral upwards, which presents new challenges for finding land to develop for these folks to live and work.  Ag lands are perceived as the only area left in much of Florida, which is evidenced by the development initiatives already in place.  Already in the state, new towns and cities are coming into existence or are already in the planning process. 

The Florida Earth Foundation (FEF), a public-private partnership with over 70 agency, university, industry and nonprofit partners,  launched a multi-year initiative that:

  • Invites Floridians to see a vision of Florida in the next 50 years
  • Empowers people to create a sustainable future for Florida 
  • Assists by developing new tools for rural lands
  • Develops initiatives that protect the integrity of the landscape
  • Provides options to land owners
  • Allows environmentally friendly space to accommodate Florida’s new citizens.

Summary of Florida Land Use Forums: 

  • About Florida Land Use 
  • State-Wide Forum
  • Northeast Florida Forum
  • Northwest Florida Forum
  • Central Florida Forum
  • South Florida Forum
  • Tallahassee Wrap-up Forum
  • Florida Land Use Outcomes
  • FLUI Resources
  • FLUI Links 


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