Dr. Kirk Hatfield

Dr. Kirk Hatfield is the Director of the Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment at the University of Florida, the Director of the Florida Water Resources Research Center, and a Professor in the Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering.  Dr. Hatfield received his BS and MS degrees from the University of Iowa and his PhD degree from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.  Following graduation, he joined the University of Florida, Department of Civil Engineering in 1987. 

Dr. Hatfield’s ongoing research activities are in the areas of aqueous environmental monitoring, contaminant fate and transport modeling in the subsurface, environmental remediation, and water resources systems analysis.  He has active research collaborations with universities and institutes in Russia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, England, and Germany.  These collaborations have produced several patents and several technical paper awards in 1994, 1998, 2006, and 2011 from ASEE and ASCE and from the editorial board of the most highly cited journal in his discipline, Environmental Science and Technology.  In 2006, the Department of Defense awarded Dr. Hatfield and his colleagues the distinguished “Project of the Year Award” for their research to demonstrate and validate a new technology that provides direct measures of water and contaminant fluxes in subsurface aquifers.

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