Developing a Global Knowledge Exchange Platform on Coastal Resilience

Florida Earth's newest program is a global public-private partnership with a variety of stakeholders who have a vested interest in sharing knowledge of solutions, both present and future, in coastal resilience, especially as it relates to sea-level rise and weather-driven events.  Known as the Coastal Resilience Collaborative, the founding partners are Florida Earth, UNESCO-IHE and the International Association for Hydro-environmental Engineering Research (IAHR).  Knowledge Exchange occurs in a variety of ways including online and in a series of convenings that happen in places around the globe that are dealing with coastal resilience issues.  All Collaborative events are certified as UNESCO-IHE short-courses and will have other certifications as appropriate for attendees, such as CEU credits for engineers, planners and architects.  The first Knowledge Exchange under the Collaborative will be held in connection with IAHR's World Congress, June 22-26, 2015 and will be one of the pre-Congress events for that gathering.  Other iterations of the Knowledge Exchange Platform can be attached to other organizations' events, but might also be stand-alones.

The Structure of the Collaborative

The Collaborative has two "Tiers" or levels of engagement.  The first is a "Leadership Tier" where thought leaders from all over the globe provide vision and direction on how the Collaborative functions and where the effort goes in the future.  The second is the "Technical Tier" where most of the Knowledge Exchange happens.  This Tier provides the professional exchange on solutions to coastal resilience issues, both in the present and working into the future.   Click on the diagram below to open PDF.


The Leadership Tier

The Leadership Tier of the Coastal Reselience Collaborative (CRC) is composed of representatives of goverments, the private sector, NGO's and universities that have a stakeholder interest in coastal issues and solutions.  The four sectors are focus groups, each with a  chairperson that provides leadership to the sector group.  More...

The Technical Tier

The Technical Tier, both in the online and at Collaborative workshops and conferences is where the real knowledge exchange happens.  More...


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