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Florida Earth Foundation is a not-for-profit that focuses on unbiased education and knowledge exchange in the environmental field. We design and run several international and domestic programs aimed at furthering our education goals. We pride ourselves on the connections we make.

The Florida Earth “Platform”

Through the programs and projects that Florida Earth Foundation does and the manner in which these are carried out, the organization has created a “platform of Education, Outreach and Discussion” that creates opportunities for people and organizations to be engaged in creating a sustainable future for Florida, the nation and the globe.

Florida Earth’s mission is “to bring people together through education, outreach and facilitation to ensure Florida’s environmental integrity and way of life.” Being a non-advocacy organization, Florida Earth provides an “honest broker” service to Florida and brings people together by education and discussion on a foundational central theme of "stewardship."

Florida Earth has developed and currently administers projects and programs both domestically and in the Netherlands, all with a over-riding of theme of education first.  The programs and projects currently are:

  1.   The UNESCO-IHE/Florida Earth Partnership:

    the only permanent program between Florida and the United Nations. The UNESCO-IHE/FEF Student Program – The Institute for Water Education (IHE), located in Delft, Holland, is one of the premier international universities that awards graduate degrees to developing country students studying water-related disciplines. Florida Earth brings IHE students to the United States to study technology developed here so that they can take knowledge back to their home countries to solve their water problems. This program cover all four Florida Earth Focal Points.

  2. The US-Netherlands Connection

A professional development program in the Netherlands that focuses on sea-level rise and water management. The program is completely customizable for organizational needs. Some potential future focuses include: big data and resilience

  1. The Florida Earth Modules 

This is the original education program that was the genesis of Florida Earth, originally an initiative of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) at the University of Florida. In conjunction with IFAS, Florida Earth continues the same five two-day modules that bring experts together to teach to the public science and policy in the natural resources arena. Over 100 instructors who come from universities, agencies, industries and NGO’s contribute to curriculum and participate in teaching. Each module is done once a year in various location throughout Florida and are done about six to eight weeks apart:

  • An Introductory Survey of South Florida – An overview of what South Florida is from a variety of disciplines including geography, geology, demographics, government structure, economics and development.
  • Natural Systems – Done at Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge and Everglades National Park, this module looks at ecosystems firsthand. Participants get to experience these systems through listening to experts describe their research work and through excursions both on foot and in airboats see those systems.
  • Water Quality and Quantity – As with every module, this one brings experts from academia, agencies and the private sector together to talk about the science and policy of water.
  • The Role of Agriculture in Florida – Considered a favorite of many participants this module explores Florida’s agriculture by looking at seven commodity groups grown in the region. This module is held in Belle Glade and the Everglades Agricultural Area.
  • Restoration Update Forum – This last module is a summary of progress made by South Florida Water Management District and the US Army Corps of Engineers on the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Project (CERP). It also addresses what is in store for the next twelve months as the program progresses.
  1. Forums and Conferences

Florida Earth periodically hosts various forums and conferences focused on our furthering our education goal.

  • The Water Choices Forums: A think-tank venue for participants interested in solutions to Florida's water resources challenges. 
  • Data & Decision Making: the Future of Water Management
  1. The Comparative Water Law Course


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